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2020-2021 S�n�f ��retmeniyiz Biz �lkokul�n�f, Ortaokul�n�f, Lise�n�f Plan,proje,yaz�l�,z�mre,sosyal kul�pler

2020-2021 e�itim ��retim y�l� y�ll�k planlar,g�nl�k planlar,ilkokul 1.s�n�f, 2.s�n�f, 3.s�n�f, 4.s�n�f, Ortaokul 5.s�n�f, 6.s�n�f, 7.s�n�f, 8.s�n�f, Lise 9.s�n�f, 10.s�n�f, 11.s�n�f, 12.s�n�f, okul �ncesi d�k�manlar�,online s�nav, yaz�l�lar, testler, sunular, proje,performans,z�mre,veli toplant�s�,form ve �l�ekler,videolar,�zel ders vs... other educational facilities , and sites that relate to educational events and activities. Educational Materials)

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08, 2021

Overall Visits 65778,81
Time On Site 00:01:13
Pages per Visit 1,80
Bounce Rate 0,75 %
GlobalRank 641459
Country Rate 17174
Category Rank 21385

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